Patek Philippe-The Company is Works of Art

    Patek Philippe Replica watches will make you aware of the latest novel models launched into the horology world by well-established Patek Philippe watch-making company.

    Patek Philippe watch-making company developed the creation of the distinctive timepiece in the year of 2003. The watch was immediately highly appreciated by ardent watch fans and collectors. The 10-day Tourbillon watch is complicated; therefore, its design needs 18 months to be completed. Its retail price is about $220000. This masterpiece combined two complications together and it was extremely complicated to accommodate them in a small space like this: two mainspring barrels connected shoulder to shoulder for 10 days' power reserve and a tourbillon spinning about its own axis once a minute. The hand-wound movement visible through the sapphire crystal case-back.

    When the watch was presented in the Patek Philippe office in Rockefeller Center, the place attracted the hordes of ardent watch collectors eager not just to see the wonder but become its owners. Many of the orders for the unique timepiece were placed at Basel, the premiere Swiss watch and jewelry show that had taken place in April. Eric Clapton, an avid Patek Philippe collector, was also among those fascinated by the watch. The success of the company's creation is not just something temporary: in the past the list of Patek Philippe wearers included such prominent names as Tchaikovsky, Einstein, Duke Ellington, and Rudyard Kipling.

    Patek Philippe's level of craftsmanship is appreciated worldwide. Before being employed in the company, craftsmen are required to have nine-year training. Patek Philippe is also responsible for introducing the industry's most innovative timepieces, among which the series of "complicated" timepieces enjoy the most appreciation. They have marked the history by setting the record for the biggest money a watch has ever been purchased at an auction -- $11 million in 1999 at Sotheby's.

    The Geneva-based, family-owned company has captured the attention of those who is looking not just for accurate time keeping, but also for immaculate design. The "Twenty-4" watch was launched in 1999 to attract urban professional women and became one the company's most successful timepieces. It represents the stainless steel model performed in art deco design with diamonds paved along the case available at the price around $6800.

    In 2004 Patek Philippe built up the collection of Twenty-24 series. The company launched a 10-carat, diamond-embellished watch intended for women who prefer wearing couture, as well as a gentler, satin-strapped clothes. The square-faced "Gondolo" style has been fashioned with an aristocratic mother-of-pearl face for ladies, and for gentlemen, a rich amber-shaded and cool steel gray one. The brand also enriched the range of its timepieces with new "complicated" designs, featuring moon phases and dual-time zones, delightful diamonds.

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