Where to Get Affordable Patek Philippe Watches

    Known for creating some of the finest timepieces in Switzerland at the time, Patek Philippe are widely regarded as the single greatest watchmaking marque, with a reputation for unparalleled excellence and grande Complications. PATEK PHILIPPE watches have enjoyed great demand among discerning collectors and watch connoisseurs of a high social status and wealth. Unfortunately Patek Philippe watches are horribly expensive; most people cannot afford such prestigious materials. If you are shopping for a cheap Patek Philippe watch, it requires much more time and effort.

    If you're already looking to buy a Patek watch then you probably know why they are considered to be the best, so I won't bore you with the history of the watch or why they are so prized. Sufficed to say, when you buy a Patek Philippe, you're buying not an ordinary watch that is appreciated today but unfashionable in a few short years, instead you'll be buying something that will still be highly sort after and collectible 20 or 30 years after you've bought it.

    Most of us like a bargain and when buying a Patek, getting a bargain can mean saving hundreds (or sometimes thousands) of dollars. However, if you've been looking at these Replica watches in shops and department stores you'll have noticed that there are no 'end of season' sales with these timepieces. Prices remain pretty static no matter when you buy or how much you're willing to spend.

    To get a bargain you need to look online. Online retailers can seriously undercut the prices of their department stores rivals; they don't have the high cost maintenance expenses of running a store. So, if you haven't already done so, then get online and check out the prices. It's an idea to first find the watch you want in a store and then look for it online; that way you can be sure you're getting a bargain.

    You can save money buy shopping online, but the price differential between online and store isn't that significant. You can try 'haggling' with the online retailer but you'll find that they are as prepared to shift on price as their store competitors; they have a quality, highly sort after product and they know it. If you can't get a price reduction you could always ask for free delivery or 'extras' like straps. Patek Philippe watches will last practically forever if properly maintained but the same can't be said for the straps, and they aren't cheap. By getting a free replacement strap, you could save yourself at least $100 in the future.

    If you're prepared to work that much harder you could try searching retailers abroad. Many boutique watch shops in Europe have a very close connection with the manufacturer. You can sometimes buy cheaper from these retailers and they'll have a larger selection than what you'll have seen in your local department stored.

    Also try looking to buy cheap Patek Philippe watches from further afield like Hong Kong and Singapore. The secret here is to buy a watch and save your self money on exchange rates. You can sometimes find significant savings when you buy from the Far East and convert the price back into your local currency.

    All of these retailers can be found online.

    If you do buy from abroad you'll need to provide proof of ID-usually a faxed copy of your passport-and you'll need to pay by wire transfer or credit card. Also, there will be a small surcharge you'll have pay to a shipping company when the watch is imported-you should find out what this will be before you buy.

    Indeed, some people can save money on currency exchange if you purchase it from abroad. Don't trouble to do it if you are clever enough and willing to make great efforts. Those people could find themselves the proud owner of a top quality, beautiful, elegant, sophisticated Patek Philippe watch at a fraction of the cost.

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