Pre-owned Rolex Watch-You Deserve It

    It is a misconception that only those who can't afford a brand new Rolex will buy a pre-owned one. This is indeed misleading. The case of wine getting better with age-can be applied to the Rolex. By performing some regular maintenance and care, you will be able to make your Rolex watch last for a lifetime. After you first slip a Rolex on, like most luxury products, the value of a new Rolex is depreciated up to 30%. Contrary to this, with pre-owned Rolex watches, over time its value is appreciated and is worth more than its original price. Over the years with subtle changes, you cannot notice the difference between a Rolex watch that is circa 1980 to a Rolex that is circa 2000. And so its value is retained over time. Also pre-owned Rolex are vintage watches which keep their value.

    Pre-owned watch will function and appear like a brand new Rolex. All of certified pre-owned Rolex's go through hours of stringent quality-control testing and certification processes. All parts and accessories including the bracelet, crystal, dial, bezel, lug, and crown, will be meticulously examined by our Rolex certified watchmakers for cosmetic and aesthetic imperfections. Thus you will not find any scratches, dust, moisture build-up, or any other blemishes when you receive your Rolex watch.

    Genuine Rolex parts are produced exclusively by Rolex. Aftermarket parts are legal products manufactured specifically to fit Rolex models, however these are non-Rolex parts and do not have the word Rolex or the crown logo trademark inscription anywhere on the product. We customize Rolex watches by adding aftermarket diamond dials and bezels. We also replace stretched out links or bands on certain models that we carry. We will make good use of the case and the movement of every Replica watch we sell will be genuine Rolex in real earnest.

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